Liquid Attack skateboard trucks set 5.4"/137mm

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Liquid Attack skateboard trucks set 5.4"/137mm
€ 40,00

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voor 8.0 - 8.3 inch boards


Attack Conflict Trucks are designed to be for a solid, smooth, and they're very stable for faster riding. Whether you're street skating, ripping up your local skate park, tech-sliding, grinding pools, or cruising around on a mini ... we have the right trucks for you! They feature high rebound 92a urethane bushings, cup washers, and our rugged Grade-8 Hollow Kingpins. They are a Mid-Profile ride height which works well with wheels between 50mm and 66mm. Sizes: 4.25"/106mm (Axle:6.90") 5.00"/127mm (Axle:7.65") 5.38"/137mm (Axle:8.00") 6.00"/152mm (Axle:8.65")

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